Plans for your organization

Flexible options for your organization, whether you host public or private documentation.

All plans include:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Team management
  • Multi-version support
  • Automated building
  • Email support
  • A 30 day free trial

Hosting is always free for your personal open source projects on our community site,


  • Use our documentation theme, designed for use across mobile and desktop devices
  • Public and private documentation is served from our domain
  • 50 users included
  • 50000 monthly pageviews included

A great fit for hosting internal documentation for your company

$50 per month


  • Customize your documentation styling to match your company's brand
  • Use your company's domain to host your documentation
  • 50 users included
  • 50000 monthly pageviews included

Host documentation for your customers with this plan

$150 per month


Plans can be customized with:

  • Additional users
  • Additional pageviews
  • Dedicated build resources
  • Faster load times with global CDN support
  • Documentation consultation and support services

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Still Have Questions?

Who can access my private documentation?
Private documentation can only be accessed by users in your organization. Each person in your company is required to be logged in to their user account to view your private documentation.
Can I host documentation publicly?
Yes, projects and project versions can both be made public. Public documentation does not require a user account for access permission. Each plan has a limited number of pageviews, if you think you'll need more, contact us or select a larger plan.
How many users do I need?
Each user must have a user account in order to read your private documentation or perform maintenance on your documentation projects.
Can our company have more page views?
Absolutely! The Read the Docs community site handles over 100 million page views each year for open source projects. Contact us if you require more pageviews on your plan.
Can you support a custom configuration for our company?
Absolutely! We support additional features, such as CDN support for public documentation, SSL support on your own domain, and can provide a number of services to help your company improve your documentation. Contact us for more information