Plans for your organization

Flexible options for your organization, whether you host public or private documentation.

All plans include:

  • Build docs on every commit
  • Host versions from branches or tags
  • Public & private versions
  • Unlimited projects & users
  • Downloadable formats (PDF, HTML)
  • API access

Hosting is free for open source projects on Read the Docs Community.


For hosting documentation for employees at your company

  • 2 concurrent builds
  • Auth with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket
  • Live previews of all pull requests
  • Email build failure notifications
  • 2 day support response time
$50 per month


For public-facing docs on your domain

  • 4 concurrent builds
  • Custom domain (
  • Content embedding
  • Search term analytics (30 days)
  • Pageview analytics (30 days)
  • All the features from the Basic plan
$150 per month


Additional customization, auditing, and priority support

  • 6 concurrent builds
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with Google
  • CDN with instant cache purging
  • Auth auditing (90 days)
  • Search term analytics (90 days)
  • Pageview analytics (90 days)
  • 1 day support response time
  • All the features from the Advanced plan
$250 per month

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Enterprise Plans

For enterprise documentation needs not met by our other plans, we can offer customized plans with additional services. These include:

  • IP address allow lists to ensure only VPN users have access to your content
  • SLA-guaranteed support response times and documentation uptime
  • Unlimited audit tracking and analytics storage duration
  • Custom build requirements (additional memory, custom architectures)

We are happy to work with you on any additional requests you might have. Reach out with your specific needs.

Still Have Questions?

Who can access my private documentation?
Private documentation can only be accessed by users you specify. Those users will need to log in and be authorized to view your documentation or you can share documentation with a private link for more limited access.
Can I host documentation publicly?
Yes, projects and project versions can both be made public. Public documentation does not require a login for access.
How does this differ from hosting on your community site?
The biggest advantages over our community site are the ability to create documentation from private repositories, significantly increased build resources for faster and larger builds, and priority support.
Can you build documentation from private repositories?
Yes. We can build your documentation on every commit to your private repositories hosted on GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab.
Can you support a custom configuration for our company?
Absolutely! We support additional features, such as CDN support for public documentation, SSL support on your own domain, and can provide a number of services to help your company improve your documentation. Contact us for more information.
Do you support annual pricing or purchase orders?
Yes, we are happy to offer annual pricing on all our plans at the end of your trial. Annual plans are allowed to be paid by purchase order and invoice. Monthly plans must be paid via credit card.

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