Professional Services

We are the documentation experts.

We use this experience to help you understand how to leverage documentation in your business.

Having great documentation lowers your support costs, gets users onboarded faster, and is a requirement for shipping quality software. We are experts in the tools and process that produce great documentation. Help us improve how your company does documentation today.

Contact us to discuss how we can help improve your documentation process.

Open Source

Open Source Development

We understand that our existing product and open source tools that we support might not do everything you need. We’re happy to use our expertise in developing and contributing to existing open source projects to get changes finished quickly and with high quality.

We offer professional services on the following projects:

  • Read the Docs Integrations
  • Sphinx
  • Sphinx Extensions
  • General Python Development Work

Open Source Support

We provide paid support for documentation that is hosted on our community site: or private internal installations of Read the Docs at your company.

Our Support plan covers questions and requests on problems or defects with the Read the Docs codebase. This includes the following support terms:

  • Support for defects and questions on officially supported services of Read the Docs, or officially supported extensions. Supported services are defined as services that are documented in our official documentation.
  • 1-2 business days (9-5 PST) response time on support requests, 1 business week turnaround on resolution.
  • Up to two open issues at the same time.


Platform Integration

Let us bring the power of Read the Docs to your platform. If you host a large number of source code packages, our Platform Integration will auto-generate documentation on every release to your platform.

This provides your users with a great experience. Having up to date documentation for every released version of software makes your platform more valuable, and helps your users do their jobs everyday.

  • Auto-generated API reference
  • Render markdown and reStructuredText files automatically into beautiful HTML, PDF, and ePub
  • Search across all sets of documentation that we host, with version and project filtering.
  • Access to all versions of the documentation, not just the latest

Documentation Process Evaluation

We will leverage over 10 years of web-first, version controlled documentation knowledge to make your documentation process best in class. We can help you:

  • Integrate Documentation into your Code Review process
  • Help plan a strategy for keeping documentation up to date across multiple branches
  • Understand how to leverage Sphinx to make your documentation beautiful and easy to maintain

Expert Advice

Our Expert Advice service gives you access to our years of experience using Read the Docs, Sphinx, and writing documentation. If you have questions about how to structure your documentation, how to increase contributions, or fiddly parts of the reStructuredText language, then this is the service for you.

For your own learning, here are some good links:

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